Advice from a Blog about a Book

We often find inspiration and words of wisdom from unexpected places. The following statements were found in a blog…that was written about a book. The book is about social media. None of which is connected to anything about education or Thinking Classrooms.

HOWEVER, the beauty is—in the statements from the book’s author about lessons learned and shared by the blog’s author. And WOW…we were struck by the relevance and inspiration in these statements to our work towards Thinking Classrooms.

Take a minute to read the statements below! If you want to see the full article, you can find it here.

Where passion, skill, and purpose collide, bliss resides.

Beware of the shiny object syndrome (SOS). It’s important to know the difference between an opportunity and a distraction.

You can color outside the lines without crossing the line. Disruption and destruction have two different outcomes.

Learn how to push your own buttons. It’s important to motivate and inspire yourself. Everyone else is busy.

A five-degree shift changes your entire trajectory.

Your hustle factor is often your differentiating factor. Work hard.


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