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Looking Forward to 2013-14 School Year

UbD-SummaryA message from Will Pierce, Director of Student Achievement:

Hello 27J Educators,

We hope your summer is offering you exactly what you need this summer, rather it be relaxing with your families, traveling the world, or actively learning and preparing for the up-coming 2013-14 school year.  Our team is trying to have a little bit of it all this summer.

As the student achievement team prepares for the up-coming school year, we felt it necessary to share some curricular changes with all of you.  This is the year that the “new” Colorado Academic Standards, and National Common Core Standards go live.  We know that many of you have been “playing” with these standards and you can expect more “play” this coming year at your school, within your departments, and across the district, as we continue our work toward Thinking Classrooms, and actualizing the teaching practices that we know produces higher levels of learning.

As a district we want every student in every classroom to be chasing rigorous instructional goals, and these goals are derived from standards.  We want our students to be assessed in ways that show evidence of learning toward these goals.  We want our students to be in classroom environments, and have educational experiences, where they have the responsibility for the attainment of such learning.

Instructional Goals (from Standards)… EvidenceLearning Experiences.  The new standards are only part, but an essential part, of what we want for every classroom.  For a view of the new 27J standards, resources, and links, please visit the Student Achievement Page on the 27J website.  There are plenty of resources available to you to help you interact with and understand the new standards if you follow the various tabs and links.

Please enjoy the remainder of your summer, and we will look forward to your return after a hopefully amazing summer.

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